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Novonesis is the new leading biosolutions partner

Merger between Chr. Hansen and Novozymes: Novonesis provides global leadership for biosolutions in the agri-food sector.

The merger between Denmark’s two largest biosolutions companies, Chr. Hansen and Novozymes, announced in January 2024, strengthens Denmark’s position as a leading country within biosolutions on the global stage. Combined, they accelerate innovation in biosolutions under the new company, Novonesis, which provides international leadership in sustainable technologies and solutions.

The merger will empower global food companies as well as local farmers with a suite of advanced biological solutions, fostering resilient agriculture. Biosolutions, leveraging tiny enzymes and microbes, enhance productivity, taste, texture, and durability in food production. These natural solutions prioritize health, food safety, and operational efficiency

Denmark has set some of the world’s most ambitious climate targets. And with the agriculture and food sector being responsible for approximately one third of the worlds carbon emissions, the goal of transitioning to a truly sustainable global food system needs all kinds of solutions.

Novonesis will set the global standard for the industry and solidify Denmark as a front-runner for sustainable biosolutions.

“Novonesis means ‘a new beginning’. It’s derived from the Greek word ‘genesis’. And that’s what we offer: a new beginning based on the power of biology.” – Novonesis

Everything from reducing methane emissions from cattle’s digestive processes to plant-based alternatives to meat, replacing traditional fertilizers and plant protection products, as well as prolonging shelf life to reduce waste, are solutions that Danish biosolutions companies offer. Biosolutions enable us to make the most of resources and raw materials, reduce the use of fossil-based resources and waste, and enable food systems to produce more with less. The merger of Chr. Hansen and Novozymes is a big step forward for the Danish food clusters contribution to these ambitious goals.

Source: Novonesis