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Restaurant Koefoed, Copenhagen Media Center

Michelin awarded stars to the Danish restaurants and honored a sustainable mindset

Yesterday evening, Nordic top-restaurants were celebrated in Norway’s third largest city Trondheim, where the annual Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2020 Star Revelation took place.

Together with Visit Trondheim, Michelin held their annual presentation of the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2020 in Olavshallen Concert Hall yesterday. The Norwegian city buzzed with excitement as restaurants from all the Nordic countries participated in the gastronomic event – and Denmark was once again honored with stars for an innovative gastronomic scene – and a sustainable mindset.

Denmark retains its 35 Michelin stars

26 Danish restaurants were awarded no less than 35 stars, which once again states Denmark’s position on the gastronomic world map.

The number of Danish restaurants with Michelin stars has increased significantly in the last decade, from 12 in 2010 to 35 in 2020, and a large part of them are now located outside the metropolitan area.

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Nordic country with most restaurants taking positive steps towards sustainability

As a new thing, Michelin launched its new Sustainability Emblem for the Nordic Countries at this years Star Revelation. The emblem is given to restaurants that are at the forefront with sustainable gastronomy or are taking smaller steps to work in a greener way. No less than 14 Danish restaurants were awarded with the Sustainability Emblem this year due to several reasons:

  • Aamanns 1921, Copenhagen – Taking a stand regarding animal welfare
  • Bryghuset Vendia, Hjorring – Waste from the brewery is sent to a farmer to be used as feed
  • Frederiksgade 42, Aarhus – Powered by a sustainable source (wind)
  • Gastromé, Aarhus – Turn seaweed from the beach into compost
  • Høst, Copenhagen – Part of a project to make the city carbon neutral
  • Henne Kirkeby Kro, Henne – Use a Long John cargo-bike for shopping
  • Kødbyens Fiskebar, Copenhagen – Always use sustainably sourced fish
  • Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen – Protect and promote biodiversity in both field and sea
  • Nordisk Spisehus, Aarhus – Recycle organic waste
  • The Pescatarian, Copenhagen – Ferment and preserve to help reduce waste
  • Radio, Copenhagen – Aim to minimise water use in growing and cooking
  • Selma, Copenhagen – Beers are on tap to reduce the use of glass bottles
  • Tigermom, Copenhagen – Have their own hydroponic grow tent
  • Vaekst, Copenhagen – the restaurant operates on solar power

See all the Nordic restaurants awarded for their sustainable actions here.

An innovative mindset drives the Danish food scene

It is not only the attention of Michelin stars that keeps Danish gastronomy at a high level. Since the start of the millennium, the New Nordic movement has inspired many successful speciality products with strong local stories and Denmark is home to a whole new generation of chefs who are developing Danish food culture. At retailers in Denmark, high-quality foods and many gourmet products and brands have also managed to become popular with consumers

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Source: Michelin Guide