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Jesper Rais

Danish culinary excellence fuels Olympic athletes in Paris

When Danish athletes compete at the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, they will be powered not only by rigorous training but also by elite culinary support, thanks to a unique partnership that merges sports and gastronomy.

Denmark is celebrated for its world-class dining scene, consistently earning numerous Michelin Stars over the years. In the latest Michelin Guide, Danish restaurants were awarded an impressive 44 stars and 17 Green Michelin Stars, highlighting their commitment to sustainable gastronomy. So perhaps it is no surprise that some of the world’s most elite chefs are Danish, including the winner of Bocuse d’Or, Brian Mark Hansen.

World-class gastronomy supports world-class athletes

The National Culinary Team will join the Olympic athletes to provide a menu designed to enhance performance while showcasing Denmark’s commitment to healthy and sustainable eating. The initiative is led by the Danish Gastronomic Union, in conjunction with Team Denmark’s nutritionists and the Danish Sports Federation (DIF).

The intiative is led by Danish Gastronomic union, in conjuction with team denmark’s nutritionists and the danish sports federation (dif)

Since 2004, the National Culinary Team has been a leading force in developing talent within Danish gastronomy. Preparing meals for top athletes introduces new challenges and inspires culinary innovations, further strengthening Denmark’s food industry.

Food cluster brings the essence of Danish culinary excellence

Also supporting the Danish athletes is major Danish food brands such as Carlsberg, Salling Group and Danish Crown, who will bring the essence of culinary excellence to the Olympic Games. This integration of culinary artistry into the world of sports reflects Denmark’s dedication to elevating both the performance and well-being of its athletes through superior gastronomy.

By merging athletic and culinary expertise, Denmark aims to set a new standard in how athletes can achieve peak performance through the power of food, while simultaneously promoting sustainable practices on an international platform.


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