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Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Danish Crown receives global recognition for animal welfare

In its annual report, released in April, Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), which is the leading global benchmark for political engagement, performance and openness regarding animal welfare, rewarded meat processing giant Danish Crown with its second highest ranking.

Based on analysis of 150 global food companies, supported by Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection, BBFAW 2019 moves up Danish Crown into its “Tier 2”-category, its second highest ranking, along with other major global food companies like Hilton Food Group, Nestlé and Premier Foods.

Apart from Danish Crowns placement, BBFAW 2019 reports that 60% of the worlds leading food companies now have formal agricultural welfare policies along with fitting management processes that ensures efficient implementation – internally and throughout supply chains.

Fast and positive welfare transitions

BBFAW thinks that the increased interest in agricultural animal welfare from consumers, combined with the positive momentum within most of the world´s most influential food companies, are key factors in these quick year-to-year developments.

Being owned by a group of more than 6,000 farmers, animal welfare is a natural core-element of Danish Crown´s business strategy. And while there is still a long way to go before animal welfare is institutionalized throughout the entire global food industry, the recognition of strategies such as Danish Crown´s serve as an international inspiration on how to head in the right direction.

Source: Danish Crown (in Danish)