Carlsberg’s Specialty Brewery Jacobsen Makes Beer on Surplus Bread



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Carlsberg’s specialty brewery Jacobsen makes beer on surplus bread

On the occasion of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, Carlsberg’s specialty brewery has made a beer based on surplus bread from local bread producers. The beer has been seven months along the way.

Food waste and the continued focus on minimizing it has a high focus. Danish retailers commit to reducing waste in stores and supply chains, and globally, halving food waste is also part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

At this year’s Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, food waste is also something the Danish Carlsberg Brewery Jacobsen takes action to reduce. The brewery has made a new beer produced with surplus bread from the bread producer Jalm & B. The Carlsberg brewery Jacobsen calls the new beer Jacobsen BRØ&ØL (Bread & Beer).

“This new beer reminds us that two different kinds of crafts can jointly get something amazing from the same raw materials,” says Morten Ibsen, brewer at Jacobsen.

It is in line with Carlsberg’s sustainability program to brew sustainably, and Jalm & B participated in the idea immediately

During the brewing, they have found out how big the difference is between bread types and how they affect the taste of the final brew. “We experimented with several different bread types before we decided to go with the organic Artisan sourdough bread from Jalm & B. I have to say that there was a big difference between the bread we tested and the taste experience in the end”, says Morten Ibsen.

In total, it has taken almost seven months to reach the final result, which will be served at one of Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival’s events on the 24th of August. On the way, almost 20 test brews have been brewed and ten people have been involved as taste judges, among others: researchers from the Carlsberg laboratory, breweries, chefs and bakers.

The bakers from Foodpeople, who stands behind the baking company Jalm & B, were surprised that the distance between brewing and baking has not been bigger. “I think you can say that there are two uncompromising types of craftsmanship, and together with highly skilled and passionate professionals and a lot of curiosity, we have utilized the best of both worlds and created a beer of surplus bread that is very special,” says Martin Marko Hansen, Marketing Manager at Jalm & B. Besides collaboration with Jalm & B, Carlsberg has also worked with Selina Juul, founder of the movement ‘Stop Wasting Food’.

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Source: Food Supply