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Another year of increase in the demand for organic products from Denmark

2016 was another record breaking year for organic products from Denmark. From 2015 to 2016 the export of Danish organic products increased by 23 pct., equivalent to a value of 2.4 bn DKK (322.5 million euro) which is more than a doubling since 2012. Especially the German market is interested in Danish organic products.

Danish organic products are sought after overseas as never before. That is what the newly released numbers from Statistics Denmark (Danmarks Statistik) shows about the export of organic products. 39 pct. of the total export goes to Germany, whos is buying Danish organic products worth 944 million DKK (126.8 million euro), but also Sweden is very interested in Danish organic products. The export to Sweden has increased from 397 million DKK (53.3 million euro) in 2015 to 466 million DKK (62.6 million euro) in 2016 which is a total of 19 pct. of the total export.

China is third in line with 303 million DKK (40.7 million euro) in 2016. The export to France has increased with 46 pct. from 2015-2016, where the biggest export product is pigs.

Head of department at Danish Council for Agriculture and Food Mette Gammicchia is very positive about the increase in the export of Danish organic products to countries both inside the EU and outside.

“It means that the Danish producers are less dependent on the domestic markets where the pricing competition is especially hard in the retail sector”, says Mette Gammicchia

She goes on to say: “In Danish Agriculture and Food Council we have through some years worked to help Danish organic exporter in motion on several overseas markets – including China, which shows very high growth rates within Danish food products.”

It is especially organic dairy products and eggs that are topping the list as the best export success. In 2016 Denmark exported organic dairy products and eggs for more than 900 million DKK (120.9 million euro). Added to this is a notable increase in the export of breast milk substitute worth around 329 million DKK (44.2 million euro).

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Source: Danish Agriculture & Food Council