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Søren Gammelmark & Danmarks Østersfestival

A gastronomic festival for oyster lovers 

Someone once said that eating an oyster from the Limfjord was the closest you can come to eating the sun. Most people who taste the special oysters from Denmark are inclined to agree, which you now have the chance to at Denmark’s Oyster Festival 2021.

Danish gastronomy has undergone a rapid transition in the last decades. Denmark is experimenting with locally sourced raw materials while ambitious Danish chefs are paving the way for a cleaner, greener and healthier culinary tradition in Denmark.

Food can also be part of the UNESCO World Heritage site

Oysters is a world delicacy that grow under optimal conditions in northern Denmark. Danish oysters are served at world-leading restaurants and has become a most-wanted export good where 90% of Danish oysters are exported. They are healthy and rich in protein – and thus live up to the latest official dietary guidelines while having a minimal carbon footprint.

The Limfjord is the natural home for the world’s biggest colony of the original European oyster, Ostrea Edulis. Glyngøre Shellfish  harvest the 7,000-year-old oyster species with care, keeping a close eye on the colony and the environment, which are later delivered to leading restaurants. The Wadden Sea oysters are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and taste beyond everything due to the special nature of the area.

One of the most remarkable oyster events in Europe

This year on the 8-11th of October 2021, you can experience Denmark’s Oyster Festival, where the starting point of everything will be: Oysters! Taking place on Rømø in Tønder, you will meet 30 star chefs from all over Denmark and the rest of Europe who are entering the competition “Easter Chef of the Year”. You will experience the contest of who can open 30 oysters the fastest, and participate in workshops learning how to prepare tasty oyster dishes and much more. Join one of the most notable oyster events in Europe this October.

Source: Danmarks Østers Festival (Danish source)