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Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Online Meetings with Top Mexican Producers & Key Exporters

The Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency and the Danish Embassy in Mexico invite you to join two free of charge high-level roundtables with two world leading Mexican pig producers organised with a special COVID-19 subsidy from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The virtual delegation focuses on the pig production value chain and the Mexican market leading companies, which are characterised by having activities both within primary production and processing. The activities include two online round tables and exclusive B2B meetings with pre-selected high-profile companies within the Mexican pig production and processing industry.

Why join?

Mexico is an important producer within the food and agro business, not least when it comes to pig production. The big Mexican pig producers have 80-100,000 sows, and their fast-growing production is fully integrated to include both farms and slaughterhouses. The big pig producers invest heavily in new solutions and technologies to meet the rising demand from their home- and export markets and some of the companies are planning to scale-up the production with additional 10,000 sows a year. The objective of this virtual concept is therefore to match Danish companies delivering new solutions and technology with some of the biggest Mexican pig producers. This is a unique business and export opportunity for an important industry in Denmark, not least for the many small and medium sized companies, since this virtual concept brings an exclusive but easy opportunity to open doors to a completely new and important market for several Danish companies.

There will be one online meeting October 20th and one online meeting October 21st both starting at 15 pm (GMT+1).

The export catalogue

In order to arrange the B2B meetings at the most relevant level you will need to fill in a company profile. The exporters’ catalogue will work as your selling platform and the Mexican companies will use it to select the Danish companies they want to meet and decide if they are interested in an online B2B session. Danish companies could be operating within: solutions to primary pig production, breeding and genetics, agri-industry, feed, stables, ventilation, food processing technology, bio security, cooling/cold chain, storage, quality control and ingredients.

Additional online matchmaking activities with the Mexican companies (exclusive 1-1 B2B meetings) are organised for a small fee.