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Global Tech Trend Conference

Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions – Serious contributions to the Green Agenda in Farming and Food.

Join the Global Tech Trend conference where you will get new knowledge about the technological trends of tomorrow and their potential impact on how we run and operate our businesses and society. During the conference, Food Nation will host a seminar on one of the top fields at the conference: Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions.

On December 15 the conference will feature 7 sessions dedicated to exploring the future of tech within 7 fields; Lifescience, industry, Quantum, food and bio, connectivity, online commerce, and clean tech. You will get inspirational examples of tech trends from the innovation centres in Shanghai, Seoul, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Munich, Boston and Silicon Valley.

Zooming in on the theme of Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions you can join our seminar in the session ‘Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions’, Room 1, 13:00 – 14:15. See the full program here.

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Program on the seminar: ‘Biosolutions and Precision Agriculture’

  • 13.00: Welcome
    • Lise Walbom, CEO of Food Nation
  • Scope of precision agriculture solutions in India
    • Joseph Kurian, Innovation Advisor in Bangalore will be covering the tech trend on Precision Agriculture.
  • Environmental friendly technologies of tomorrow’s global challenges – Opportunities for biosolutions in the US
    • Ines Benabida, Innovation Advisor in Boston will be covering the tech trend on Biosolutions.
  • Panel: Precision Agriculture and Biosolutions – Serious contributions to the Green Agenda in Farming and Food
    • Thomas Stenfeldt Batchelor, Vice President of Agriculture Marketing & Strategy, Novozymes.
    • Svend Christensen, Head of Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
  • 14.15: Wrap up


Innovation Centre Denmark is an organization that stems from an inter-ministerial partnership whose mission is to elevate Danish science and innovation through collaborations with world-leading innovation ecosystems and ultimately strengthen Danish innovation, development, growth, and employment. Its areas of expertise include life science, green transition, and technology. The project was mandated by the Danish Government through The Government’s Action Plan for Economic Diplomacy, with the ambition to uncover how and on which areas, technology will have an impact or domination on the future of business science and innovation.


In a world witnessing the need for environmental-friendly technologies that solve societal issues, biological solutions have progressively imposed themselves as being critical to addressing tomorrow’s different Biotech Spaces challenges. It is important that the development of alternative proteins address the need for much more sustainable food production, especially when it comes to fermentation and cell-structured meat spaces.

Precision Agriculture

Agricultural technology (Agtech) provides timely, accurate, site-specific crop information by among other things, monitoring the soil and plant physicochemical parameters and obtaining data in real-time. It will revolutionise the lives of people who work in agriculture and for those depending on the ecosystems. With a market of farmers willing to adopt new technologies and a country with a wide range of geo-climatic conditions, India is an ideal place to develop precision agriculture solutions.

The conference is hosted by partnership between TechBBQ and Innovation Centre Denmark.