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Digital Export Delegation to Egypt Within the Food Sector

Create relations to retailers and importers in Egypt: An emerging market with more than 100 million inhabitants and a large, growing middle class. With this digital export delegation the Confederation of Danish Industry in cooperation with the Trade Council of Denmark in Egypt and the Royal Danish Embassy in Cairo invites you to meet large Egyptian retailers.

Egypt has a population of nearly 100 million inhabitants, which makes it the largest population in the Middle East and North Africa with an increase in young inhabitants, a rising middle class, and a growing economy with a developing retail business in terms of large supermarket chains. That makes Egypt an interesting, emerging market for Danish companies in the food sector.

Meet some of the biggest retailers and importers to the Egyptian market

The Egyptian retail market is controlled by a number of importers as well as a couple of supermarket chains. By participating in this digital meeting, you will meet retailers and an importer that are covering most of the Egyptian retail and HORECA market:

  • HyperOne (6 mio. customers in 2019)
  • HORECA STAR (importer)
  • Lulu Supermarket (investing 500 million USD in Egypt the coming years)
Why join?

You should join if you seek to build relations with some of the largest retailers in Egypt and to be a part of an aggregate effort to promote Danish products within food & beverages in Egypt. Moreover, you should join if you want to present individually for the Egyptian participants and follow up on the meetings with a real export delegation in 2021 or individual assistance if demanded.

The program will consist of:

  • General introduction to the Egyptian retailers
  • General introduction to the Danish food sector
  • Individual company presentations for the Egyptian participants
The consumer market – maturity and future trends

Egypt has the largest consumer market in the Middle East and North Africa region. Its expanding consumer market makes it a sizable market for retailers and fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers. Hypermarkets have proven to be successful in Egypt. Hypermarkets aim to meet consumer needs at a competitive price. This made them appeal more to consumers who sought greater value for money during times of high inflation in the country. The Egyptian government is also expected to facilitate foreign investment in hypermarkets, including easier access to land.In short, participate in this virtual delegation if you want to explore the Egyptian food and beverage sector as the organizers attempt to set up the digital framework for the companies to boost their exports.