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Danish Delegation in Vietnam: Sustainable and efficient agri-food production

May 14 – 16, 2024, a Danish delegation will visit Vietnam for an export promotion with focus on sustainable solutions for food production and processing.

Among the world’s fastest growing economies, the Vietnamese food sector is expected to grow significantly, with food sales expected to increase by 11.5% year over year in 2024. The Danish food cluster has a great potential to contribute to the Vietnamese growth. To support the growth, sustainable and efficient solutions for agriculture and food processing will be needed, and Denmark is ready to deliver these solutions. The Danish food cluster has a strong tradition in providing sustainable technologies for production and processing of food. These contributions can help Vietnam’s food industry continue its rapid growth while promoting sustainability and efficiency.

Organised by Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC), supported by Trade Council, and participated by the Danish Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, several innovative companies will pay their visit to Vietnam: Grundfos Holding A/S, FOSS, Blucher Metal A/S, Haarslev, and Arla Foods.

On May 14, from 7:45 am to 2:30 pm, a seminar will focus on innovative technologies and financing solutions for sustainable and efficient agri-food production. Attendees can look forward to dive into Danish perspectives on resource-efficiency, partnerships for sustainability, pump-solutions, analytical solutions, stainless steel drainage solutions, waste, EU sustainability requirements, and financing.