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Mundo Tequila

Mundo Tequila is an ode to Mexican culture, it’s a confident new take on a classic, combining tradition with invention to reimagine the age-old spirit with a contemporary twist.

At Mundo, we honor tradition in crafting our exceptional tequila. We start by slowly baking agave hearts, or piñas, for 32 hours in ancient brick ovens. This meticulous process breaks down fructans into simpler fructoses, enhancing flavor. After 32 hours, the agave rests for 8 more hours, totaling 40 hours of cooking time.

Mundo Tequila is the result of dedicated craftmanship at La Cofradía, a Mexican family-owned distillery with over 50 years of tequila-making expertise. Located at the base of the Tequila volcano, our distillery benefits from pristine spring water for dilution, ensuring the highest quality in every bottle.

The flavor profiles in Mundo Tequila’s portfolio all stem from the baked blue agave, each with its own powerful presence on the palate, featuring notes of caramel and a hint of spiciness. Mundo Mixto combines sweetness and spice with a touch of bitterness from a lemon peel, earning gold for its taste at the 2023 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.

Mundo Tequila – unleash the spirit of great Tequila taste.