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Emborg is a global brand with more than 75 years of history and Danish Roots.

Emborg Professional delivers smart, customized dairy solutions that fuel the success of foodservice partners.

At Emborg Professional, we pride ourselves in delivering smart foodservice Dairy solutions. We are not tied to production and our trusted worldwide sourcing network gives us the choice of an unparalleled range of products – not just the ones we can produce ourselves.

Emborg is Uhrenholt’s retail range, offering a wide and stimulating variety of delicious ingredients – cheeses, butters, creams, French fries, fresh frozen fruits and vegetables for engaged cooks who lead busy lives and want to use more creativity in their everyday cooking. Emborg offers high nutritional value and consistently high quality at affordable prices, a world of recipe inspirations and a wide range of products that can make your cooking easy and enjoyable.

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