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Royal Greenland

Valuable Fish From Head to Tail

Fish and shellfish are Greenland’s most important natural resource. To keep stocks in balance, sustainable fishing is essential, along with ensuring minimal waste of the caught fish.

At Royal Greenland, the production and innovation team continuously explore new opportunities to optimise yield. This includes taking part in research projects with academic partners.

Thanks to these efforts, the fishing company has successfully reduced waste from its catch of Greenland halibut – a fish highly appreciated for its snowy-white meat and high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

There is close to zero waste in the production as almost everything from the Greenlandic halibut is used

Many options, low waste

As the world’s largest supplier of Greenland halibut, it is particularly important to Royal Greenland that as much as possible is utilised for human consumption. Today, there are many options for consumers to choose from.

The fish are either sold whole or cut into fillets, loins or portions. As for the heads, tails and frills, these are sold mainly to Asia, where especially the frills are a delicacy in Japanese sushi. Greenland halibut is also smoked and marinated.

The Greenland halibut is also a fish with high utilization as it contains very few bones and all the meat is distributed where it is appreciated the most.