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Biomega®, Nina Lerbrekk

Transforming High-Quality Salmon Off-Cuts into Premium Human Nutrition

Innovative approaches are constantly working on increasing the intensity and effectiveness of utilization of the whole fish – from head to tail – and finding new ways to add more value and generate new products. For Biomega® Denmark, that means applying sustainable biotechnology in the production of value-added ingredients from food-grade salmon off-cuts. 

Biomega® Denmark produces high quality ingredients for human and pet nutrition. In its modern biorefinery, they turn food-grade fresh raw materials into premium ingredients such as salmon oil, pure salmon peptides and collagen suitable for human nutrition.  

The company uses a patented continuous enzymatic hydrolysis process to carefully separate the nutritional components. It is this gentle technology that produces Biomega® SalMe Peptides. 

Neutral in taste and smell, the peptides, which are presented in a powder form, consist of more than 90% highly digestible salmon proteins

That makes them a high value, natural protein source for dietary supplements and many other nutritional food concepts. The peptides are 100% water soluble and are absorbed by the body faster than intact native protein, which maximises nutrient delivery to muscle tissues. 

Biomega® has a zero-waste approach to its production process. The remaining side-streams are used to produce petfood.