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Sustainable Zander Farming Moves on Land

Consumers all over the world are getting a taste for the delicious and versatile zander or pike perch. In Denmark, the fish farming company AquaPri has invested in a successful solution – sustainable zander production in a land-based RAS system. 

 Having farmed zander since 2005, AquaPri is experienced in controlling the production chain from egg to dispatch of the fully grown fish.

The RAS system uses the latest technologies to produce 700 tons of the fish a year. Full control and traceability ensure food safety is of the highest standard

 One of the only companies in the world to have developed a method to make zander spawn four times a year, AquaPri is able to deliver high-quality fresh fish all year round. This makes it possible for customers to plan campaigns and other marketing activities ahead. The fish are typically ready for dispatch just six hours after they are taken out of the basin. 

 The zander has an incredibly delicate meat structure and is highly appreciated all over Europe. The tasty, white fish meat is firm in texture and tender when cooked. In addition, it has a high natural content of protein. 

Farmed zander is on the World Wildlife Fund’s green list for sustainable seafood. Due to the rearing environment, the RAS facility ensures the fish are free of parasites and do not need to be frozen. This is what makes zander from AquaPri suitable as fresh sushi and sashimi.