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Plus Pack

Recyclable Aluminium Packaging to Reduce CO2 emissions

Plus Pack’s vision is to transform the single-use food packaging industry to circularity by offering circular food packaging at net zero CO2, and the company offers a range of recyclable aluminium containers for the food industry which serve as a stepping-stone towards the development of a circular economy.

Due to the growing demand for fast easy meals and take-away solutions, food service, retail and the restaurant industry have for many years been characterised by a use-and-throw-away culture when it comes to food packaging. This has resulted in a great waste of material and valuable resources. With a rapidly growing population and climate crisis urgency, food producers need to develop and use sustainable packaging solutions that helps reduce climate impact while meeting rising consumer demands for convenience.

Danish company Plus Pack focuses on delivering customised and recyclable packaging solutions to the food industry with zero CO2 emissions. Recyclable products contribute to a circular economy in which waste is treated as valuable material.

Aluminium packaging supports a circular economy

Plus Packs´ Ready2Cook® containers are made of aluminium – a material that fits perfectly into a circular economy. Aluminium can be recycled again and again without loss of functionality.

The aluminium containers can be used as cooking trays and are for ready-to-cook and ready-to-heat meals, which offers consumers the convenience of ready meals. Ready2Cook® containers are ideal for fresh or frozen food, either fish, meat or vegetables and it goes directly in the oven, microwave oven or on the grill.

Recycling ALUMINIUM saves 96% CO2 and contributes to a circular economy

Efficient energy reduction for food businesses

In Spain, a food producer renowned for its advanced production techniques and quality control standards, produces a wide range of fresh fish products. The company has shifted to use Plus Packs’ Ready2Cook® aluminium containers for a new range of whole, fresh fish products for supermarkets among other things to increase the sustainability of their production.

The use of aluminium in food packaging offers several advantages – by recycling rather than extracting new aluminium, you save 96% CO2 and with 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use it contributes to a circular economy.