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Producing Vegan Caviar to Reduce Fish Consumption

Life below water, UN SDG goal 14, is being challenged by anthropogenic overfishing exceeding the oceans limits. The Danish company, Cavi-Art, has taken a pioneering step to address this issue, by creating a sustainable and nutritional vegan alternative to shrimp caviar.

Nearly one-third of the world’s evaluated fisheries are operating beyond their ecological capacities, underscoring the urgency of the situation. Among the key contributors is the escalating human consumption of shrimp, leading to the depletion of shrimp populations in certain regions, thereby threatening marine ecosystems.

one-third of the world’s assessed fisheries are currently pushed beyond their biological limits

One of the main targets is shrimp. The human consumption of shrimp continues to rise, to the point where catching shrimp in certain areas has been red-listed.

In accordance to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, focusing on life below water, the Danish company Cavi-Art has created a vegan shrimp alternative. The vegan shrimp caviar is created from seaweed and kelp, containing glutamates – amino acids that react with receptors on the tongue to create the umami taste.

Cavi-Art’s vegan caviar offers a sustainable alternative that reduces the demand for shrimp. By curbing shrimp consumption, the product alleviates pressure on overfished shrimp stocks, thus fostering the replenishment of marine life. This approach ensures the uninterrupted life cycle of shrimp, contributing to the balance of the marine environment. Additionally, the high omega-3 and B12 content add an extra dimension to consumer benefits.

Cavi-Art is collaborating with other food producers to expand their variety of vegan caviars, while delivering high-quality and great tasting products. This allows for the luxury food to exist in different colors and tastes while maintaining a natural balance in the sea life.