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Danæg A/S

Organic Eggs and Nordic Seaweed Spark Creamy Innovation

The Danish food cluster is strong within food innovation and today companies are increasingly working together to develop the range of products available to consumers.

In 1895, the Danish cooperative DANÆG was founded based on the fundamental idea that together the Danish egg producers would stand stronger. Today 125 years later, the notion of collaboration in the Danish food cluster is still strongly embedded in the DNA of DANÆG. That’s why when the firm’s R&D department began developing organic mayonnaises, there was no doubt that the Danish seaweed startup company Nordisk Tang (Nordic Seaweed) was getting on board for the journey.

Harvesting the best from two worlds

Although eggs and seaweed seem like an odd couple, DANÆG and the family-run startup Nordisk Tang are united in a shared mission to bring sustainable foods to the world.

As a result, DANÆG’s three new mayonnaises are made with 18% organic, Danish egg yolks stirred with nutritious and sustainable seaweed harvested along the Danish and Norwegian coasts. Seaweed has a beneficial effect on the marine environment, while also containing minerals, amino acids, dietary fiber and various vitamins. The high content of egg yolks provides the mayonnaises with a full-fat consistency, that is perfectly balanced by the fresh and salty seaweed.

To solve some of the world’s most complex and pressing problems, strong partnerships are needed

DANÆG’s classic mayonnaise is stirred with a pinch of mustard containing the beautiful, amber golden sugar seaweed. The chili/garlic mayo is seasoned with the edible red algae ‘Søl’. The most flavorful of the mayonnaises is mixed with dried flakes of the unique algae truffle, similar to the taste of the exclusive truffle mushroom.

Collaboration as the foundation for innovation

The executive board at DANÆG is convinced that to solve some of the world’s most complex and pressing problems, amongst others food safety and sustainability in the food chain, strong partnerships are needed. Consequently, DANÆG and Nordisk Tang have only just launched their first product line and will continue the united product innovation.

DANÆG aims at initiating more strategic partnerships with innovative, local companies from the Danish food cluster over the next few years. The product line stands as a testament to the collaborating culture of Danish food companies.