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Martin Kaufmann

New Tool to Measure the Climate Impact of Larger Kitchens

With a new tool that can calculate climate impact in canteen and industrial kitchens, companies can set ambitious emission reduction goals based on specific data. This is possible thanks to a joint initiative between the two Danish companies, Rambøll and Meyers.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 encourages urgent action to combat climate change and the resulting increase in global temperatures. One of the primary focus points is to limit the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere and achieve carbon neutrality.

Private sector companies play a major part in reaching SDG 13 as 65% of the world’s CO2 emissions stem from the industry and energy sector. However, it can be difficult for companies to take action due to the challenge of measuring the CO2 emission of their production.

The foodservice company Meyers and engineering company Rambøll have developed a climate footprint calculator to combat this issue in industrial and other larger kitchens.

It is now possible to calculate the impact on the climate of the raw ingredients

Providing accurate and specific climate impact data

Meyers and Rambøll have cooperated in the development of the climate footprint calculator. It is now possible to calculate the raw ingredients’ impact on the climate as well as the impact of the kitchen’s daily operations.

The calculations are based on life cycle assessments that details the climate impact on all levels of a raw ingredient’s supply chain. The data originates from EXIOBASE, which is the most complete and detailed database model for calculating CO2 footprints.

Easier to set specific reduction goals

The first version of the “climate footprint calculator was rolled out in all 90 of the kitchens managed by Meyers across Denmark in 2021. These kitchens are now able to document their climate impact and set goals for emission reductions based on the data gathered from the climate footprint calculator.

Rambøll’s canteen kitchens are taking charge with the most ambitious goal of all the kitchens using the climate footprint calculator: a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2021. This is a vital step in their continuous effort to reduce CO2 emissions wherever it is possible across all aspects of their business. Rambøll is utilizing the climate footprint calculator in all three of their canteen kitchens in Denmark.