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New customer program helps reduce scope 3 emissions in the dairy sector

A new Arla program will help companies reduce their scope 3 emissions while increasing the motivation for on-farm emission reductions.

Many companies are under increasing pressure to successfully reduce their scope 3 emissions to successfully meet the requirements for the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). For many retail and foodservice companies, the dairy industry is responsible for a significant portion of their scope 3 emissions, and as a result are dependent on the sustainability efforts performed by the farmers.

To help motivate the sustainability initiatives on the farms, Arla launched the Climate Check program together with the Sustainability Incentive Model, rewarding Arla farmers that invested in sustainable improvements on their farms. Through large data collection, the farmers are able to successfully earn points and as a result gain additional value per liter of milk produced.

An investment in future emission reductions 

The data collected by Arla, will now be accessible to companies seeking to address their scope 3 emissions. By participating in this collaboration, companies support the acceleration of sustainability initiatives on the Arla farms, leading to further emission reductions. Such reductions are essential to meet the companies’ own SBTi goals and will ultimately be linked to corporate reporting requirements.

A collaborative effort that does not simply benefit the environment but supports companies in reaching their sustainability goals while investing in a more sustainable dairy industry.

The program will first be launched in the UK, before being available in other countries during 2024.

A collaborative effort that benefits the environment and supports companies in reaching their sustainability goals