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Precision Manure Management at Minimal Cost

Liquid manure disposal is an expensive necessity in livestock production and a significant contributor to GHG emissions, particularly when traditional spreaders spray slurry onto fields. In Denmark, an innovative machinery supplier has developed solutions that cut the costs for farmers and the climate.

Agrometer has developed an approach that takes slurry tankers off the road and directly pumps the slurry into a nurse tank next to the fields, ready for easy connection to a slurry spreader. By eliminating the need for transport and distribution, emissions associated with energy consumption are reduced by around 60 percent.


emissions associated with energy consumption are reduced by around 60 percent

In the field, Agrometer helps farmers maximise the value of liquid manure while minimising the climate impact. Their self-propelled, lightweight spreaders are equipped with GPS technology, so slurry can be distributed accorded to the precise nutrient requirements of the soil. By giving farmers a clear understanding of nitrogen usage efficiency, the technology may reduce or even eliminate the need for artificial fertilisers.

The estimated carbon emission savings from optimised slurry handling and reduced fertiliser usage are 85 percent and 75 percent respectively. As new CO2 duties are introduced in Denmark and around the world, slurry-handling solutions from Agrometer are gaining ground as a cost-efficient choice.