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Lab Will Rethink the Future of Food Without Waste

A consortium of Danish universities and companies are behind a new open innovation food and health lab, which is to rethink food production and consumption and develop new systems for a more sustainable food supply with much less waste.

Called FOODHAY, the 13.8 million Euro research centre is jointly funded by the Danish Education and Research Ministry and the consortium partners – Aarhus University, Copenhagen University, Danish Technology University, Arla Foods and Danish Technological Institute.

From raw material to consumer

The whole food value chain is in focus: to deliver new knowledge and solutions for utilising the side streams of food production; develop processes that increase the nutritional value of foods; identify new, healthier ingredients; create more sustainable packaging solutions, reduce food waste during distribution and consumption; and ensure food products match consumer needs and preferences.

FOODHAY will lead the way in delivering healthier foods and increasing the sustainability of our food systems

In the years ahead, the FOODHAY partners will support research initiatives with a direct impact on Denmark’s ability to deliver new knowledge, technology and food and ingredient solutions to the global consumer.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate the production of innovative, healthy and more sustainable foods. Strengthening business, creating more value for consumers and reducing the negative impact of today’s food systems on the climate.