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Collaborating cross-border to create a regional cake brand

In a globalizing world, Danish companies have proven to be suitable partners for companies all over the planet. In the Philippines, the Danish producer of emulsifiers and stabilisers, Palsgaard, has made positive contribution to a local cake manufacturer. 

In today’s world, companies around the world are seeking the right partners in product development. In this day and age, globalized companies have access to a wealth of knowledge and by creating the right partnership, businesses can take their results to new heights. Danish companies have proven to be very successful partners with their history of collaborative thinking.

Using Danish ingredients to produce Philippine cakes

International collaboration was at the highest level when a large manufacturer of dried noodles and biscuits in the Philippines decided to make the move into the soft cake category. The manufacturer contacted the regional office of Danish emulsifier and stabiliser producer Palsgaard to help with the product development.

Palsgaard pooled the expertise of the technical specialists working in its application centres in Singapore and Denmark. The team then worked with the manufacturer’s product development team to create a new line of Filipino mamon cakes. Palsgaard also advised with the choice of equipment for the production line and the running of production trials.

Today, the cake brand has become one of the manufacturer’s most popular lines – exported all over the world.

Symbolising the Danish status

Danish food companies are some of the most globalized in the world, exporting and making a difference in food production to more than 180 countries around the world. Denmark has a long history of close collaboration between business partners. Collaboration is deeply rooted in Danish business culture – especially in the food industry jobs.

It plays a key role in many of the innovative solutions the Danish food cluster has provided for some of the world’s most complex problems. In Denmark, finding new solutions and relevant knowledge to apply to the world’s biggest challenges can only happen when the various participants in the value chain work together.