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Innovative Partnerships Make The Best of Surplus Food

Avoiding food waste is not just about eliminating quality issues and over-production. It’s also about seeing the opportunities in residual products. Danish organic bakery company Jalm&B is exploiting this potential through inspiring partnerships and innovative craftsmanship.

In collaboration with other food companies, Jalm&B has launched several exciting initiatives to avoid food waste. One of them is called ‘Genbrød’ – which roughly translates to Re-bread.

From beer to bread and back again

Here, the company receives surplus golden roasted hazelnuts from the Jacobsen brewery, which are then recycled in bread. At the same time, the brewery uses surplus bread from Jalm&B to produce its new BRØL beer, which was served at the C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen in 2019.

Jalm&B focuses on everyday opportunities to reuse raw materials that would otherwise go to waste

In another collaboration with Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen, Jalm&B’s unsold bread has been upcycled in a recipe for bread ice cream.

High-quality reuse

Jalm&B is constantly looking for new partnerships to reuse raw materials in everyday foods and beverages. The goal is always to create tasty, high-quality products that make good sense – commercially and sustainably.