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Increasing milk yield and less feed loss with innovative feed solutions

Soaring temperatures around the world have impacted agricultural production and look set to have a knock-on effect on feed costs. As warmer weather becomes the norm, there is an urgent need for new solutions to produce more efficiently and with as little impact on climate as possible. Innovative feed solutions from Vilofoss is tackling two major challenges for animal production – the need to improve feed efficiency and reduce feed loss to a minimum.

During the hot summer months, many farmers have experienced that, the dairy rations of dairy cows have reached high temperature and lost much of the valuable nutrition during the time it has been on the feeding table.

When the feed mix becomes warm is a clear sign of unwanted growth of yeasts and molds which results in low animal feed intake, loss of nutrients – and loss as it is not fit for dairy cow consumption.

Reduces heating in feed rations

The innovative feed solution FreshFoss from Vilofoss prevents overheating and maintains the hygienic quality and nutritional value of the ration by inhibiting unwanted microorganisms. The feed solution is a combination of acid salts in powder form, which is mixed into the ration prior to feeding. The acids inhibit the growth conditions of mold and yeast, decreasing the number of nutrients being metabolised and reducing heating.

Nutritional value and quality can be maintained in feed mix

The FreshFoss solution makes the feed mix stay stable longer. By extending the time until the finished mix takes heat, nutritional value and quality can be maintained. It can therefore be advantageously used all year round for mixes that are mixed less often, e.g. for young animals.

Helping to improve milk yield and reduce food loss

FreshFoss has shown good results in Bulgaria. Here Bulgarian farmers dairy cows are consuming more dry matter and the ration temperature is measured to be significantly lower eight hours after the feed ration is determined.  Another bonus of using FreshFoss has been an increasing average daily milk yield.