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Sprout Dynamics

Growing sprouts to meet global food demand

The concept of dynamic sprouting holds substantial promise in offering nutritious sustenance to both urban and rural households. Nonetheless, the absence of scalability has limited its complete potential. A technological breakthrough centered on achieving scalability through full automation is poised to transform sprouting-based solutions into a global reality.

While flaxseeds offer abundant nutrients and superfood advantages, mass production relies heavily on manual labor and oversight. Additionally, sprouted flaxseeds are viewed as potentially risky due to concerns about salmonella, e.coli, and other microbe-related problems. This obstacle hindered the sprouting business from reaching its global needs, demanding an innovative solution to shift consumption from dormant to sprouted seeds.

The Technological Advancement

The Dynamic Sprouting Technology prototype has taken about a year and a half. The first tiny pilot plant, the size of a 40 feet container, is now producing a product portfolio of six sprouted seeds including flaxseed, buckwheat, lentil, broccoli, alfalfa and beans, in the quantity equivalent to a large artisanal sprouting plant the size of a football field.

Sprout Dynamics now produce multiple batches, faster and cheaper due to in-depth biotech knowledge of what the plants want and introduction of a conveyor principle instead of static surfaces or stations still used by the most modern sprouting companies. By integrating cutting-edge sensor systems to monitor food safety parameters and, notably, incorporating robotics at each phase of the traditional and revered agricultural practice, Dynamic Sprouting has achieved a pinnacle of technological advancement. This positions it as a prime contender for establishing a superfood production franchise, poised to redefine the benchmarks of urban farming.

Dynamic Sprouting has the potential to yield 20-50 times more food compared to current alternatives

Moreover, Dynamic Sprouting functions with zero water and product waste, while also mitigating its CO2 footprint through minimal or ultra-quick cooking periods and crop reduction capabilities.

Sprout Dynamics can mass produce industrially any sprouted seeds at half the market price with no humans involved in the production process and with food safety guaranteed by the system designed with the knowledge and quality control ensured by sensors and AI. These achievements have made Sprout Dynamics to become the largest producer of sprouted flaxseed in the world!