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Easy-Handling Device for Dirt on Carcasses Improves Quality and Product Safety

Constant improvements in the slaughtering processes meets the ever-present concerns of hygiene and quality on the kill line. An alternative to knife cutting is ergonomic and has proven efficiency.

Hygiene and quality control are an ever-present concern in the pork abattoirs. The traditional removal of visible dirt on carcasses by knife cutting is time consuming and risks inconsistent product safety and quality.

Frontmatec, a world leader in customized solutions for automation in the food industry, has developed the Steam Vacuum Handle in cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute. The device is the result of microbiological tests showing that use of the steam suction for removal of visible feces contaminants such as dirt, hair, etc. results in lower aerobe bacterial counts and lower numbers of positive E. coli tests, than achieved by use of knife cutting.

Use of the Steam Vacuum Handle increases product safety, removing all visible feces contamination, dirt, and hair on relatively smooth surfaces of the carcasses, such as the belly

By introducing the steam suction through the whole working process as a supplement to other operations in the kill line, an optimum process, with immediate removable of possible contamination when it occurs, is obtainable.

Steam Vacuum Handle for pork carcasses has a proven efficiency of reduction of aerobe bacterial count, reduction of positive E. coli tests and ergonomic handling with no added time consumption.

The result is a more sustainable handling of contaminants, improving the overall line hygiene and product safety as well as the ergonomic working condition.