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Coops invest in green fertiliser powered by the wind

Commercial fertilisers derived from natural gas are a major source of the carbon emissions from plant production – but perhaps not for much longer. Four farmer-owned Danish cooperatives have joined forces to develop a greener fertiliser based on wind power.

DLG, Danish Agro, Arla and Danish Crown have founded a new company – Green Fertilizer Denmark – to drive this game-changing initiative.

 the investment could reduce Danish CO2 emissions by 750,000 tons a year – equivalent to the emissions from an estimated 250,000 diesel cars

The ambition is to replace conventional fossil-based fertiliser with fertiliser based on green ammonia, which is produced by electrolysis of surplus wind power from the North Sea. Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners is driving the development of the wind farm and production facilities that will deliver the green ammonia.

A feasibility study is currently underway for a green fertiliser plant with sufficient capacity to meet the needs of farmers in Denmark and commence sales to local export markets.

Fertiliser is an absolute necessity to meet the global population’s growing need for food. Green Fertilizer Denmark represents a new opportunity to satisfy that need sustainably.