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Water Efficiency Gets More and More Crucial for the Food and Agriculture Sector

Globally, agriculture accounts for 72 pct. of all freshwater withdrawals, and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be a need for 35 pct. more water resources. It is essential to find solutions for reducing or reusing water in agriculture and the food sector.

The world is facing many pressing concerns, such as feeding a growing population while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, supplying drinking water for approximately 7.9 billion people is a significant worry demanding immediate attention.

In the European Union, the industry uses about half of all available water, which could otherwise be consumed. Consequently, there is a critical need to devise strategies aimed at substantially decreasing water consumption in industrial processes. Several Danish food companies have already spearheaded innovative solutions in this regard.

By 2025 more than half of the global population may be residing in water-scarce regions

Danish company SoilSense offers a concrete solution to reducing water usage in agriculture through its innovative approach. By developing a sophisticated smart sensor system, SoilSense enables digital monitoring of irrigation across various crops and soil types. This precise technology ensures that only the exact amount of water required is utilized, addressing the issue of water waste in agricultural practices.

Agriculture does not stand alone in its use of the water resources within the food sector; packaging also bears significant responsibility. Denmark has addressed this issue through innovative means, exemplified by the Danish beer company Carlsberg. Carlsberg’s brewery in Fredericia stands as a worldwide pioneer, having nearly eradicated water waste. By using an advanced recycling system, they effectively treat wastewater from equipment and packaging in a Water Recovery plant. This establishes a model of circular water-use during production.

Increasing water-use efficiency and ensuring freshwater supplies, is UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goal nr. 6. Globally, high levels of stress on water resources are increasing, particularly in North Africa and West Asia, thus heightening the need for effective solutions. As a country rich in freshwater supplies and a leader in innovation, there is an inexhaustible need for Danish water solutions worldwide.

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