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Collaboration is key to solving global challenges within the agri-food system: US Special Envoy for Global Food Security explains why

Strengthening the global food system requires collaboration that takes place between all stakeholders: trade unions, business owners, national authorities and educational institutions. In Denmark, we pride ourselves on continuously improving all aspects of the agri-food sector, from innovation over productivity to compliance with standards and legislation. Cross-border collaboration is an important part of that.

Yearly, the Food Nation Visitor’s Centre in Copenhagen receives many delegations from around the world. Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Cary Fowler, who is the US Special Envoy for Global Food Security. Dr. Fowler has had a long career in the agriculture and food sector, and with his vast experience, we took the opportunity to ask Dr. Fowler on his perspectives on some of the key pressing issues of our time.

We asked Dr. Fowler the following questions:

  • Why is collaboration so important to reach global food security?
  • What are the main opportunities to collaborate in the US and Denmark?
  • How do we achieve sustainable agriculture worldwide?
  • What are the necessary developments and innovations to achieve global food security?
  • Advice for the agriculture and food industry?
  • Advice for policy makers on how to achieve food security?

Watch the videos below to hear Dr. Fowlers answers to these important topics.

As a world-leading nation on innovative and sustainable solutions, collaboration is particularly important for Denmark. Learn more about how Denmark collaborates right here: Collaboration | Digital White Paper – Food Nation (