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University and company enter partnership around innovation within food and agriculture

A new strategic partnership between the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the Danish analytics company FOSS, will strengthen the existing relations within research, development and education. The aim is to create a platform for common projects and goals, and to ensure a long-term collaborative relationship between the two parties. Focus areas will be AI and analytics in food quality and safety, and sensors and measurement technologies within the field of food and agriculture.

Tommy Bysted, SVP for Research & Development at FOSS, says on the partnership: “Innovation is part of our DNA here at FOSS, and new thinking thrives in a learning environment, where ideas can be bounced around, challenged and developed. Strong and strategic partnerships with innovative institutions such as DTU is definitely a catalyst for further innovation for FOSS, and I hope also for our partner.”

“DTU has a long tradition of working with decision-makers and industry. When students, researchers and companies cooperate, new innovative ideas and new jobs can be created,” says Marianne Thellersen, Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at DTU.

“DTU’s strategic partnerships have a positive impact on our researchers and students, who can enter into research collaborations with the industry. In doing so, I hope we can join forces in developing sustainable solutions to the benefit of society.”

Focus Areas for Innovation

The strategic partnership will focus on areas where FOSS and DTU have common or compatible interests. That is the case specifically within four fields: artificial intelligence in food and agriculture, food and agriculture analysis, food and agriculture safety, and finally sensors and measurement technologies.

Collaboration in these four areas will evolve around research, development and education, and will take the forms of collaborative projects, joint seminars, workshops, symposia, and student programs. The aim is to build up capacity and competencies both at FOSS and at DTU, and to develop leading edge science, technology and innovation. Further, the collaboration is meant to increase students’ and graduates’ knowledge of career possibilities within the focus areas.

The partnership will run over the next years. In the shorter time horizon, FOSS will be present at the High Tech Summit, a trade fair and conference at DTU this October, and relevant departments at DTU will be invited for the Prize Talks in connection to this year’s Nils Foss Excellence Prize in November.

Source: DTU