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The power of minerals and vitamins from seaweed

With new Danish technology you can produce large amounts of high-quality seaweed that benefit consumers and the environment. By using controlled land-based cultivation technology, it is possible to grow climate-friendly seaweed, where 6 grams of dried seaweed has the same amount of minerals and vitamins as 600 grams of vegetables.

Pure Algae Denmark is the first company in Denmark to develop a controlled land-based facility for climate- and environment-friendly cultivation of seaweed. With their innovative technology, it is possible to produce large quantities of seaweed of the highest quality and sell it fresh or processed to restaurants, food companies or for nutraceuticals, regardless of the season.

A healthy savior

Algae is responsible for 50% of the earth’s photosynthesis where carbon dioxide is converted into oxygen. With climate change creating an imbalance in the oceans, cultivation of seaweed can aid in capturing large amounts of CO2, where one and a half tons CO2 is collected for every ton seaweed produced. Furthermore, seaweed can remediate phosphorus and nitrogen from nutrient rich water meaning it can neutralize these otherwise contaminants. Seaweed can thus play an important role for the environment.

Seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins and can be grown in saltwater, saving on the earth’s modest 1% of freshwater. In Pure Algae’s facilities, the seaweed is grown vertically in tall tanks, which is why they can produce large volumes in less space. Thus, Pure Algae has found a way to produce a healthy and nutritious sustainable food that can help feed the earth’s growing population without influencing the natural ecosystems in the oceans.

A superfood that speaks to the SDG’s

Pure Algae accommodates the Sustainability Goals 2 “Zero hunger”, 12 “Responsible consumption and production” 13 “Climate action” and 14 “Life below water”. The founder Esben Christiansen highlights how their production of seaweed will never deplete the ocean of its natural resources because of their use of indoor innovative technology. Instead, they can continuously produce high-quality seaweed and avoid allergens, pesticides, and elevated levels of heavy metals, that normally occur in higher concentrations of seaweed, to secure the safety of the product.

Source: Confederation of Danish Industry (in Danish) and Pure Algae