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The first brewery in Denmark with CO2-free production

Svaneke Brewery is located on the Danish island  Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea, and here, sustainability has been a focal point since the very beginning. Svaneke Brewery produces organic beer with zero CO2 emissions making it the first CO2 neutral beer production in Denmark.

Svaneke Brewery uses five ingredients to produce their organic beer: malt, hops, yeast, water and time. Time is the quintessence of the production for the beer to develop its taste, which Svaneke’s brew master never comprises with.

A green solution for a green island

Sustainability has been a part of Svaneke’s business model since the beginning of the brewery in 2007, where sustainable solutions were used as a starting point for the production. Since then, they have been working on finding sustainable alternatives to energy and packaging and waiting to be able to install a carbon dioxide recycling plant.

Svaneke Brewery became 100% organic in 2018, introduced cans with lower environmental impact in 2019 and switched from using biogas to natural gas in 2020. The brewery furthermore operates with renewable energy where 35% comes from their own solar panels they have installed on the brewery’s roof. The remaining 65% is purchased as green, certified wind and solar energy. The brewery regenerates CO2 from the fermentation process, which they use in their beer production and sell to pubs with beer on tap.

A part of the Bornholm narrative

Bornholm has set a goal to become CO2 neutral by 2025. Many Bornholm businesses seek to contributing to the ambition to be a green and sustainable island, where Svaneke Brewery is part of the story telling. In 2021 the Danish consultancy Force Technology verified that all brewing and bottling of beer at Svaneke Brewery is CO2-neutral. Force Technology helps Svaneke Brewery document their brewing being produced in a climate friendly way because Steen Jespersen, CEO at Svaneke Brewery wants to make sure there is no suspicion towards the sustainability in the production.

Source: Svaneke Brewery (In Danish)