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The Danish organic model inspires abroad

There is a great potential for Danish organic food products in the German foodservice market. Therefore, several Danish organic companies visited Berlin earlier this month with The Danish Agriculture & Food Council at an export promotion.

According to the German Ministry of Environment and Agriculture the organic share of the foodservice market (cafes, restaurants and large kitchens) in Germany represents 0,5%, which corresponds to approx. 350 million euros. Compared to the Danish organic market share on 13,3%, it is a relatively small proportion, and there is a great potential for increasing the German market share with the Danish knowledge within organic production and innovative organic products.

“We are seeing a huge potential for exporting more Danish organic food products to the German foodservice market. If the limited market shares they have within the foodservice sector, approaches the organic market share in German retail, we are talking about a potential of up to 3,6 billion euros”, says Mette Jasper Gammicchia, Market Development Director at Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

Danish organic kitchens inspire Germany to follow

Denmark has successfully introduced organic products in both public and private kitchens, and the Germans would like to follow the Danish organic model. The Berlin state government wishes to take the lead within organic products in public kitchens in Germany. This means that in the following years, more than hundred public kitchens in Berlin will increase their focus on organic food. In other parts of Germany, the focus on organic produce will also increase, and everywhere the Danish organic model is an inspiration.

“From the German side, we are experiencing increasing interest in the Danish organic model. Also, when it comes to conversion to organic in public kitchens, it provides good export opportunities for Danish companies”, says Tanja Asmussen, Export Adviser at the Danish Embassy in Germany.

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Source: Danish Agriculture and Food Council