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Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Technology hopes to increase the safety of pig productions throughout the world

By launching two new products based on innovative new technology, Danish entrepreneur Farrowtech wants to ensure better safety in housing systems for pig production around the world.

The first product is a thermic camera, FarrowCam, that digitalises the monitoring of suckling pigs during farrowing. On average between 8-20% of all suckling pigs die shortly after birth, but by digitally monitoring heat reduction, producers can both reduce resources in terms of manual labor and ensure better living conditions for the new born pigs. According to Farrowtech´s estimations, producers can save one pig per litter by using the thermic camera.

“It turned out that the thermal camera, which can see the heat dissipation from an object, is a good way to do it instead of the manual methods that farmers have always used,” says Erik Hougaard, who owns and operates Farrowtech with Morten Bo Mikkelsen.

Farrowtech´s second product is a heating mat, that keeps the weakest pigs in the litter warm. With these two new products, the company is taking important steps in reaching their vision of reducing suckling pig mortality by 25%.

International attention

The small company, which only employs its two founders and owners, Erik Hougaard and Morten Bo Mikkelsen, has already gained attention from several international stakeholders. The ambition is to sell to the whole world, but so far Farrowtech´s solutions has mostly been marketed to Danish pig producers as they are very innovative and Dutch pig producers as they produce many piglets. Following the launch of the two new products, Farrowtech is initiating a larger international export focus in the second half of 2020 and their patent already covers The United States.