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Sushi chain is at the forefront of sustainability

The Danish sushi chain LETZ SUSHI is the first fully certified sushi chain in Europe that has received full MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certification. According to the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) these certificates are the most trusted labels ensuring sustainable fishing and breeding throughout the value chain.

Collaboration for sustainability

“We have a goal, that everything we do in LETZ SUSHI has to work towards a more sustainable world. Reaching our joint goal with WWF about the two certifications is a huge step towards a more sustainable business”, says Anders Barsøe CEO of LETZ SUSHI.

Together with WWF, LETZ SUSHI decided to make the sushi business more sustainable. The goal was to receive MSC and ASC certifications before 2020. And now this goal has now been reached two years in advance.

“Over-fishing threatens the world’s fish and shellfish life. And sushi can in some cases contribute to the problem. This is why it makes great sense for WWF to work towards a more sustainable use of the sea’s resources with sustainably responsible companies. We’re very satisfied that LETZ SUSHI has reached our joint goals. It’s completely essential, that all actors in the food industry sets these ambitious goals. Together, we can make a change”, says Bo Øksnebjerg, general secretary of WWF.

No short-term solutions

In the long term, LETZ SUSHI wants to inspire other sushi restaurants to become more aware of their social and environmental responsibility. “We would be generating more profit on conventional fish on the short term, because it’s cheaper. But we don’t believe in short-term solutions. As an agent on a market influenced by over-fishing, pirate fishing and unsustainable production of salmon, we have a great responsibility”, says Anders Barsøe.

Sustainable fishing from pier to plate

Independent certification groups from MSC and ASC will be checking up on the fish LETZ SUSHI buys for its sushi. Traceability here is key. MSC specializes in certifying sustainable fishery, ASC certifies sustainable fish farming. Thus, LETZ SUSHI can ensure sustainable fish – from pier to plate.

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Source: Fødevarefokus