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Kaare Smith

Students solves relevant business challenges

In the past two weeks, students from Technological University of Denmark (DTU) have been brought together to tackle some of the business challenges in the ingredient industry. In close collaboration Ingredients Forum and Arla Foods have arranged an Open Innovation X (Oi-X) challenge at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The students were given two challenges. The first one presented by Ingredients Forum on how ingredients can enable a more resource efficient and sustainable food production with less waste. The second challenge presented by Arla Foods on how to secure relevance of dairy in the sustainable diets of the future.
Tuesday October 10th  the Oi-X challenge ended with a grand finale for the 60 participating students presenting their proposals for a panel of judges. There were many interesting solutions but the winner team had developed a container for vegetables installed with a special filter for use in refrigerators, helping the vegetables last longer. The solution was called “FreshNest”.

This Oi-X initiative is a good example on the Danish food clusters ability to be innovative by collaborating across companies, students, universities and even market competitors.

Introducing Oi-X

Open Innovation X (Oi-X) is a sponsor-based initiative at DTU aimed at all students interested in working on challenges provided by industry. Get involved and trial your developer skills in collaboration with Danish companies – to strengthen your education and career. Monetary prizes are rewarded to the best ideas and teams. Furthermore, particular promising projects can be rewarded a scholarship. Afterwards you have the opportunity to start-up your own business or continue in a venture with the company.

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