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DSI Dantech

First stainless steel plates in the world

As the first global supplier of plate freezers, DSI Dantech proudly presents its brand-new stainless-steel plates for vertical plate freezers.

Plate freezing is a block or tray freezing method with a large freezing capacity and a small footprint. The method has a well-established preservation process that maintains high quality, and nutritional value all while ensuring the food’s storage life.

Quick and sustainable freezing technology

Plate freezing is based on direct and double contact freezing. The plate freezing process consists of plates with refrigerant flowing through them. Depending on the compressor system, it is possible to use various refrigerants such as ammonia, freon, CO2, and brine in the plate freezer. When the product is placed in the freezer between the frozen plates, it will freeze quickly and uniformly.

The efficient technology saves resources, spares the quality of the food, and can fit an extremely large freezing capacity within just a few square meters. Hence, plate freezing and quick freezing are more energy-efficient than other freezing technologies. Tests even demonstrate that the technology is up to 40% more energy-efficient than similar freezing technologies.

Newly patented technology for quality food

Plate freezing can be considered relevant for a range of industries and can assist in freezing a large variety of foods ranging from seafood and fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. It can be used to freeze ready-to-eat products as well as secondary products before further processing them. Recently, DSI Dantech has presented its brand-new stainless-steel plates for freezing quality food, which is also suitable for a large variety of sectors and foods.

In this regard, a newly patented technology is ensuring no aluminum contact with quality food. Resistant to detergents and acidic products. Designed for fast and efficient freezing of large volumes of food and liquids, while ensuring high product quality and the preservation of taste, texture, and nutritional value.

Source: DSI Dantech