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Special recognition to Danish sparkling wine

The area around Dons at Kolding, Denmark’s 7th largest city is the only place in the world to produce Dons wine.

Like other special wine regions, Dons has received a so-called PDO protection (abbrevation for Protected Designs of Origin). This means that a wine can only be sold as Dons wine, if it is produced by Dons grapes in the area around Dons, informs the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The protected Dons wine is a sparkling wine. All sparkling wines, produced in the area according to the product specification, must have the name DONS (PDO) in the future. Known examples of other PDO’s are Parma ham (Prosciutto di Parma), Feta cheese and Champagne. It is Skærsøgaard Wine in Dons, who has applied for the PDO protection, and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has conducted the case throughout the EU. This is the first time a Danish food product or drink receives a PDO protection.

The village of Dons in DENMARK has become part of the very fine company together with Bordeaux, Champagne and Madeira

There are two protected terms: Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Identification (PGI). Common to the two types is that the product behind the registered name must have special characteristics that can be attributed to the area concerned. This connection to the area is significantly stronger for a PDO than for a PGI. For a PDO, all stages of production must be done within the area.

Seven other Danish food products and four wines are PGI-protected. The Danish food products with the PGI protection are, the Danbo, Esrom and Danablu cheeses, Lammefjordsgulerødder og -kartofler (carrots and potatoes grown in the eastern part of Denmark), Vadehavslam (lamb raised in the southeastern part of Denmark), Vadehavsstude (cows raised in the southeastern part of Denmark). The four PGI wines are from the Danish areas Bornholm, Zealand, Funen and Jutland.

Source: Food Supply