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Rising export value of Christmas trees & greenery

In 2019, Denmark exported Christmas trees and greenery for a total of just over EUR 134 million, consequently the export value has increased in 2019.

Exports have increased from the beginning of production in the mid-eighties until 2012. From here, the export value has been declining due to increasing own production of Christmas trees in the most important export markets and falling tree prices. With a small increase in the exported amount of Christmas trees and greenery and better prices for greenery, the export value has increased slightly in 2019. Of the export of the EUR 134 million, Christmas trees account for a more than EUR 107 million, while the greenery brings in almost EUR 27 million.

From Germany to Hong Kong

Denmark is Europe’s largest exporter of Christmas trees, and in 2017 Denmark exported 10 million trees to both near and far markets. Germany accounts for 49% of the Danish exports of Christmas trees, and is the largest purchaser of Christmas trees from Denmark. Thereafter, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands accounts for 40% of the total Danish export of Christmas trees. Among the more exotic export markets are Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

A long tradition

The first decorated Christmas tree did not appear until 1510 in Riga, Latvia. Here, a plate has been deposited in the central place of the city regarding the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Christmas tree’s origins (in 2010). The first known Danish Christmas tree was lit on Holsteinborg Gods in South Zealand in 1808. The tradition of Christmas tree had come to Denmark from Germany, and families related to this German tradition were therefore among the first to take the tradition.

Source: Danish Christmas Tree Association- Trees & Greenery (in Danish)