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Food innovation talk on blockchain

Food Innovation Talk is a 30 min. livestream to share knowledge and inspire to food innovation from Danish Food Cluster. The Food Innovation Talk “Blockchain in the food industry” is presented by IBM on September 18 at 10.30 am.

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The daily talk about integrations of the Blockchain technology in the food value chain has in the past years been mentioned as the key to build more transparency, food safety and even reduce cost for all stake holders in the food system.

In this Food Innovation Talk IBM, will bring insights on how the Blockchain technology can be integrated in the food system. You will also be introduced to the IBM Food Trust platform where eg. Wallmarte, Unilever and Nestlé among others are using data from the whole value chain to build even stronger food safety and reduce cost. Finally we look at the potential of linking blockchains from other sectors as finance and transport to the the food system.

Source: Danish Food Cluster