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Organic Denmark

Political action to make Denmark more organic

The Danish government is ready to support farmers who want to convert to organic farming. Already next year organic farming will be increased in Denmark once again.

Sales of organic products are rising explosively in Denmark and around the world, and the Danish government is putting even more momentum on developing the organic sector with a new growth plan. This plan is expected to get the Danish organic area to grow significantly over the next years.

Today, the organic share is 13,3% of the total Danish retail sales including online sales and Denmark has an ambitious national goal to achieve 60% organic produce in all public kitchens. In 1987, Denmark was the first country to implement a state-controlled organic label: The red ‘Ø’. This ensures that organic products from the Danish food cluster fulfil the high level of legislation needed to advertise with the official Danish Organic Label and EU label.

In Denmark conversion of larger areas to organic farming is supported, so agriculture can meet the markets demands

In order to develop organic food production, the Danish government established an organic business team which has pointed out how the organic sector can grow even more. Some central elements of the organic growth plan are; investing in research and development in organic farming, better access to fertilizer for organic farmers and an increased export.

By taking these actions Denmark continues to meet the rising demands within organic products. You can read the full organic growth plan here (in Danish).

Source: Ministry of Environment and Food

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