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P4G Summit 2018: Sustainability in food production through innovative partnerships

As the world’s population grows and the threats from climate change become more pronounced, the need for sustainable development intensifies. October the 19th-20th, Denmark will gather international public and private stakeholders to the first global P4G Summit to form a powerful coalition for sustainable growth through innovative partnerships.

The P4G Summit will be a place for emerging and showcasing partnerships with scalable solutions to some of the global challenges in food and agriculture, water, energy, cities and circular economy. These areas are the driving forces of the global economy and has a big impact on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Whether it is partnering through new financing model to address the shortage of water, creating new models for mobility in megacities, implementing new food production techniques to address the food crisis or developing innovative solutions for addressing plastic waste, the facilitation of partnerships will be a key part of the Summit.

During the summit, the food and agriculture track will focus on a range of food issues of global relevance including sustainable food production, nutrition and food security, prevention of food loss and food waste, deforestation, land degradation and yield improvements through effective harnessing of big data and mobile technologies. Areas, where the Danish food cluster can contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with know-how and sustainable food solutions. If you want to experience sustainable and environmentally friendly food products, Denmark is the place to look at. It is the efforts of many companies, researchers and public and private organisations that has made the Danish food industry what it is today.

No one country, company or community has all the answers. That’s why we need to foster partnerships among businesses, governments and civil society. The P4G Copenhagen Summit marks an important first step in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, however, success is not given. As the partnerships emerge it will be critical to move fast to define process and progress for each partnership, because in changing the world, 12 years is a sprint.

About P4G

P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 – is a global initiative with the ambition of becoming the world’s leading forum for developing concrete public-private partnerships to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Read more here.

Source: P4G Copenhagen Summit