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Organic burger bun with upcycled beer leftovers

The Danish bakery, Jalm&B has created bread out of a desire for a more sustainable and zero waste food production.  The new IPA Beer Bun is the latest addition to the series ‘Genbrød’, which was launched worldwide to set focus on the UN’s global goals of responsible production, innovation and partnership.

IPA Beer Bun is baked with the surplus from the production of Danish IPA beers brewed at microbreweries around Copenhagen. In addition to beer residues, the normal amount of water has been replaced with excess water from the production of organic yeast for microbrewery – thus contributing to reducing their water consumption and utilising a tasteful resource whose fate otherwise is to end up in a sewer, thus going to waste.

Sustainability has become a foundation in product development at Jalm&B. Leftovers in the bakery are either used in new bread products, turned into beer at breweries or even turned into ice cream. Like-minded food producers also experience that a lot of good produce often goes to waste, and that it deserves a better fate than being used for animal feed or biofuels.

In the long run, the new innovation will hopefully also have the climatic effect that more food companies are getting better at reusing good resources. Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Jalm&B, Martin Marko Hansen says: “As a food producer, we are aware of climate challenges, and we stand by our responsibility to contribute with sustainable solutions. We are artisans and are creative in our approach to both recycling profits and creating tasty food at the same time. ”

Circular partnerships

IPA Beer Bun is made with organic flour, soured butter from Thise and IPA mask flour from Agrain, which collects excess mash from small Danish organic brewers. The water in the burger has been replaced with excess water, so-called fermentate from the organic brewer’s producer, Whitelabs, who also provides yeast for microbreweries throughout the great world.

The IPA Beer Bun has already been well received by Danish restaurateurs, e.g. AMASS – named the world’s most sustainable restaurant – who has developed an organic fried chicken burger with the burger bun. Circular partnerships are at the core of the business model for Jalm&B and this is not their first innovative collaboration. Earlier, they have upcycled excess hazelnuts from Jacobsen beer production to sourdough bread and they have teamed up with Frankly Juice to utilise 2nd selection carrots that would have ended up in the trash by juicing the carrots by Frankly Juice and using the surplus pulp in their carrot bun.

Source: Jalm&B (In Danish)