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Northern Europe’s first coffee farm heading for Denmark

Now Denmark is also on the world map as a coffee maker. However, it is not only pure coffee that the Danish producer will focus on, but also coffee beer, coffee tonic and coffee snack bars.

Denmark might be among the countries in the world where people drink most coffee per capita, but it’s certainly not a place you associate with producing coffee. However this may change. The Danish coffee company Peter Larsen is planning to establish Northern Europe’s first coffee farm near the Danish city Skanderborg.

“With this farm we will take new paths and show the massive potential of coffee beans. Coffee contains a high nutritional value in the form of protein, antioxidants and vitamins, which is not currently being utilised,” said Lars Aaen Thogersen, the head of development and communication at Peter Larsen Kaffe.

Coffee has a big potential

According to Peter Larsen’s head of development and communication, professionals and researchers estimate that today, only three to five percent of the potential nutritional value in the beans is used, and this should be changed.

“We must look at the coffee plant with new eyes. For example, by a fermentation process where the bean is fermented, we can produce new types of products from the coffee berry. E.g. Coffee beer, coffee tonic and coffee snack bars. We want to experiment with this and we expect to optimize the utilization of the large resources that biomass contains,” says Lars Aaen Thøgersen.

Source: Food Supply