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Nordic diet is health promoting

Root vegetables, cabbage, dairy products, berries, nuts and rapeseed oil are a part of the so-called “Nordic diet” which is healthy and something the rest of the world can learn from, says a new report from WHO.

The United Nations Health Organization WHO has evaluated the Nordic diet in a new report. There is good evidence that the Nordic diet, developed in the Nordic countries including Denmark, is clearly health promoting.

“It is a priority to find out how we can promote the Nordic dietary patterns,” says João Breda, head of the WHO Regional Office for Prevention in Europe. He points out that lifestyle diseases are exploding in Europe. 86% of all deaths are now due to cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The Nordic diet containing root vegetables, cabbage, berries, nuts and rapeseed oil protect against diabetes 2 and heart disease, and is therefore seen as a tool to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Read the full report from WHO here

Source: World Health Organization