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New White Paper: Climate – Driving the Transition to Carbon-Neutral Food and Agriculture

As the global food supply faces challenges like uneven distribution, over-nutrition, undernutrition, and climate change impacts, the question of how to sustainably meet a rising food demand becomes increasingly critical. The new White Paper dives into the Danish agriculture and food sector’s progressive initiatives across the value chain. From cutting-edge crop cultivation and livestock production to advancing circular economy and electrification initiatives, the paper provides a comprehensive overview of Denmark’s multi-dimensional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Climate White Paper provides a detailed look at Denmark’s specialized know-how in plant breeding, farm machinery, and smart crop management techniques, aimed at making crop cultivation more climate friendly. Key initiatives include advanced manure handling, precision farming technologies, and climate-resilient seed varieties. Furthermore, the paper outlines how Denmark is meeting the global demand for animal-based foods through innovative livestock production methods, which focuses on breeding, feed efficiency, and manure management to cut GHG emissions.

New routes to low carbon foods
On the food production front, Denmark is pushing boundaries in low-carbon, new proteins, and circular economy practices. In collaboration with business pioneers, Denmark is offering sustainable new proteins and advanced fermentation technologies. The ingredient industry is contributing further by extending the shelf life of food items, thereby reducing consumer level food waste. Moreover, the White Paper provides insights into Denmark’s electrification initiatives within the food industry. It highlights the sector’s remarkable achievements, such as a 43% surge in production since 2000, while reducing energy consumption by 25%.

Impactful innovation through collaboration
The White Paper also enlightens Denmark’s cutting-edge contributions to sustainable food and agriculture research, underpinned by the AgriFoodTure roadmap. This strategy is designed to support Denmark’s ambitious national goal of achieving a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

“This White Paper brings together Denmark’s comprehensive approach to driving a carbon-neutral future in food and agriculture,” states Lise Walbom, CEO in Food Nation “By sharing our best practices and innovative solutions, we aim to accelerate global efforts in combatting climate change through sustainable agriculture and food production.”

As a business partner with the Danish agriculture and food sector, you will be part of the continuous work to find better solutions, and thereby contributing to achieve the shared sustainability goals.

Download the new White Paper now.