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Denmark introduces state-controlled label for fish caught with respect for the sea and the seabed

Fishermen who protect the marine environment can now put the state-controlled label ‘NaturSkånsom’ on their fish. The brand must inform consumers about which fish are caught using nature-friendly methods, support coastal fishing and protect the marine environment.

Flounder, plaice and other coastal fish can now have a state-controlled label on the packaging in Denmark. With the new ‘NaturSkånsom’ (gentle to nature) brand, Denmark is at the forefront globally with a state labeling scheme for fish caught with nature-friendly methods and considerations for the marine environment.

A sea of ​​good reasons

The fishermen who participate in the labelling scheme may only fish with gentle gear such as longlines, nets and float trawls, which protect the vulnerable and valuable environment on the seabed, which is essential for a healthy ecosystem in the sea. The fish caught must be from healthy stocks, and the fishermen in the scheme must pass a course to ensure fresh fish of the highest quality.

Facts about the new label:

Fish with the label ‘NaturSkånsom’ must live up to the following requirements:

• The fish must be caught with gentle gear and be from a sustainable stock
• The fishing cutter must not be longer than 17 meters and the fishing trips must be short
• The fisherman must pass a quality course

The labeling scheme will be followed by a follow-up group consisting of representatives from the Danish fishing industry, relevant nature and environmental organisations, research institutions and the Danish Fisheries Agency, which will help ensure that the scheme lives up to expectations of better information for consumers, respect for the marine environment and its development. local coastal fishing.

Source: Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark (In Danish)