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New research strategy from the Danish food cluster

Together with 10 leading companies from the Danish food cluster, the Danish Agriculture and Food Council together with Confederation of Danish Industry announce a new strategy for food research.

Strengthened focus on research and innovation is needed if the Danish food cluster shall continue to be amongst the world’s strongest; that is the claim of the new strategy for food research being announced today.

The goal of the strategy is that by 2030, Denmark is still home to one of the strongest food clusters in the world and that it can tackle global food challenges of the time: Population growth, lack of resources, climate change and lifestyle diseases.

World-class research is needed

The strategy points at seven specific sections of the food cluster where research quickly will pay off:

  • Sustainable production through circular economy
  • Food design – from molecular interaction to excellent eating
  • Food analytics – ensuring and documenting safe foods
  • Omics technologies – from molecules to understanding
  • Foods contributing to health and well-being
  • Agile and intelligent automation
  • Connected and competitive through smart use of big data.

The global consumption pattern is rapidly changing and research is needed for any business in order to keep pace. With the Danish food cluster making close to a quarter of the total Danish export, research has and will be substantial due to the cluster’s highly international perspective.

You can read the full strategy here